Campaign Goal:


Top Students

  1. KEIFER W. (8th- SILVER) - $1,215
  2. PATRICK LEE R. (7th-SILVER) - $1,150
  3. GRACIELA M. (7th-BLUE) - $1,050
  4. JAYDEN S. (8th- GOLD) - $681
  5. EMMA GRACE B. (7th-SILVER) - $675
  6. JALEENA JADE S. (7th-SILVER) - $600
  7. LUCAS W. (8th- BLUE) - $540
  8. RYLAN P. (8th- GOLD) - $525
  9. LILLIAN M R. (8th- BLUE) - $510
  10. ALIVIA MARIE J. (7th-GOLD) - $500
  11. JULIAN L. (7th-GOLD) - $480
  12. IZZABELLA C S. (7th-GOLD) - $455
  13. KIERYN B. (7th-BLUE) - $450
  14. ETHAN JOSEPH Y. (7th-SILVER) - $430
  15. CALLUM PATRICK W. (7th-GOLD) - $425
  16. KEEGAN CRUZ K. (7th-BLUE) - $400
  18. KYLE C. (8th- BLUE) - $355
  19. LILLIAN ANISE H. (8th- SILVER) - $350
  20. AVA GENE B. (8th- SILVER) - $340

Top Groups

  1. 7th-SILVER - $5,281
  2. 8th- SILVER - $5,073
  3. 7th-BLUE - $4,560
  4. 7th-GOLD - $4,105
  5. 8th- GOLD - $3,746
  6. 8th- BLUE - $2,465

Welcome to the Hutchinson Middle School Splash 4 Cash Donation Drive Page!
Every penny of the funds raised will go towards our goal of Student enrichment programs.
We will use the funds for Teacher Grants, Student Rewards and Year End Events!
Without donation drives like this one, none of this would be possible.  
There is no door-to-door selling or delivering of products! 
Splash 4 Cash Party Schedule!
(You only need $100 in Donations to attend!)
7th grade building May 14th 2:30 to 3:15
8th grade building May 21st 2:30 to 3:15

Here is how the Donation Drive works:

    1. Share your page with family and friends to gather donations!
    2. Donors can pay online or give cash and check donations.  Students get credit for prizes when payments are posted to the websites.
      ** Safety is our number one 
      concern. Door-to-door solicitation is prohibited. Instead, ask family, friends, and co-workers to support student efforts.
    3. By April 19th, 2021, please send all cash/check donations to the school in the provided envelope. Make sure student, teacher and donor names are written on the envelope. The sooner the money is turned in, the sooner the student receives their prizes!
    4. Students that earn at least $25 in donations will earn pizes. Prizes are accumulative so the more donations, the more Prizes!
    5. Make checks payable to: HMS
    6. Be proud of your accomplishments and wear your Pledge Bandz but DO NOT lose them. You will need them to receive the activities earned!


  1. $25 in donations- Silver Pledge Bandz, Congrats you started! Plus earns a chance to win a 50” Samsung TV or a Switch or X-Box 1 game system!
  1. $50 in donations- Lavender Pledge Bandz earns a lollipop with a chance to win prizes every Tuesday and Thursday after lunch during the campaign! 
  1. $75 in donations- Hot Pink Pledge Bandz earns outside recess during 8th hour on Fridays during the campaign! 
  1. $100 in donations- Camo Swirl Pledge Bandz Attend the Splash 4 Cash Party! 
  1. $200 in donations- Blue Swirl Pledge Bandz SLIME a Mystery Staff Member at the Splash 4 Cash Party! 
  1. $300 in donations- Teal Swirl Pledge Bandz reach into the Pirates Gold machine and win up to $100 in Cash! 
  1. $500 in donations- Black/Red Pledge Bandz earns a Gambino Pizza Lunch for you and a friend!
  1. $1,000 in donations- Yellow/Red Swirl Pledge Bandz earns a $60 gift card to the Alley or a season pass to the Splash, the choice is yours!


***Plus, the top 10 students from EACH SCHOOL will earn a V.I.P. Catered Lunch from the Anchor!*** 

***When we reach our campaign goal of $25,000, 7th Grade Teacher Mrs. Treece and 8th Grade Teacher Mrs. Howard will dye their hair HUTCH BLUE!***

   We have some big donation goals set but know we can do it!

We look forward to raising money for HMS Student Enrichment!

We plan to use the funds for:

Teacher Grants, to help Classroom Teachers

Student Rewards, funds are low for these projects

Year End Events, we have traditions at Hutchinson Middle schools
7th grade building and 8th grade building.